2020 General Election Ballot Measure #2 – Alaska’s Better Elections Initiative – District 3


The Office of the Lt. Governor has scheduled several public hearings on Ballot Measure #2- Alaska’s Better Elections Initiative. Ballot Measure #2 is scheduled to appear on the General Election Ballot on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

Public hearings are required under Alaska State Statute 15.45.195 a law passed by the Alaska State Legislature in 2010. Traditionally, initiative hearings are held in person in various locations around the state, but due to precautions relating to COVID-19 all public participation will be done telephonically.

Each public hearing will consist of a statement of support from the proponents of the ballot measures and follow with a statement of opposition from the group opposing the measure. The public will then be allowed to call in for the remainder of the hearing to ask questions. Members from the support and opposition side of each ballot measure will be available to field questions.

To allow for all residents of the state to participate via teleconference, residents from the four judicial districts may call in on their designated day to ask questions. See below for the hearing schedule and judicial district information.

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