Band Nightmares Episode 3: Birds of a Baker

Band Nightmares Episode 3: Birds of a Baker

Music industry mogul Gene Baker works tirelessly to help #MILLENNIALS in #BROOKLYN fix their sound so that they may enter the music business confidently and with guaranteed success. When Gene discovers failing witch house group ABIRD at a Los Angeles book store, he invites them to his Brooklyn studio to work on their sound. It quickly becomes apparent that they must understand the astrological basis in the music business in order to succeed.

Directed by
Drew Rosenthal (Be Happy For Once Productions)
King Bop @kingbeebop

Edited by
Drew Rosenthal @behappyforonce

Cinematography by
Drew Rosenthal @behappyforonce
King Bop
Max Mueller

Sound Design by
Drew Rosenthal @behappyforonce
Sam Wright Fairbanks

Gene Baker as Himself
Adam Bird as Himself
Nick Ivory as Himself

Special thanks to Catland Books and Mint 400 Records!

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