Belugas Count!


To bring awareness to the plight of the critically endangered Cook Inlet beluga whale and foster local pride, awareness, and stewardship, ADF&G teamed with partners NOAA Fisheries, Defenders of Wildlife, Alaska Wildlife Alliance, Friends of the Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge, and Beluga Whale Alliance to create a Belugas Count! animated short.

During the spring and fall this isolated population of belugas return to near shore areas in Cook Inlet – an event to celebrate and bring focus to this critically endangered species.

The public can help protect and recover these whales by reporting live whale sightings to the Cook Inlet Photo-ID project ( These reports may be used in research to support beluga whale recovery. Dead, stranded, or injured whales should be immediately reported to the NOAA Fisheries 24-hour stranding hotline: 1- 877-925-7773

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