Exploring Treasury Hill and the Dull & Stephens Mine in Juneau, Alaska.

Exploring Treasury Hill and the Dull & Stephens Mine in Juneau, Alaska.

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Today we hiked up Spaulding Meadows trail in Juneau, Alaska. Looking for the Treasury Hill Prospect, and the Dull and Stephens Mine. Learn a bit of history, and check out the conditions of this trail. The entrances to these mines are a tight squeeze. Helmets, headlamps, air monitors, and the two in two out method in order to explore these safely.

The Dull and Stephens Mine was discovered in 1908. It was developed by a 150-foot adit, a 144-foot adit, a 199-foot adit, a 297-foot adit, and numerous trenches. The property produced 32 ounces of gold by sluicing overburden in 1909 and 1914. This mine is in the Juneau Gold Belt, which has produced nearly 7 million ounces of gold.

Treasury Hill Prospect
The quartz veins are up to 4.5 feet thick, average less than 2 feet thick, and contain disseminated arsenopyrite, pyrite, pyrrhotite, traces of galena, and native gold. The deposit was discovered in 1908 and prospected by numerous trenches and open cuts over a large area. Workings include the Gold Knob adit with 655 feet of workings and two other adits. Approximately 300 ounces of gold was recovered in 1908 and 1909 by sluicing the soil overlying the exposures.

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