Life in Remote Tundra // Alaska Vlog 3 – Etherium Sky Production Vlog


From Matt: “It took me 3 days to reach here, with a full day just to get to Aniak! The private charter flight from Bethel actually had to turn back when we were already halfway there due to weather. I finally managed to *hitch a ride* on a mail delivery plane! Everything runs on its own time here, everything’s dependent on the land and its moods!”

We’re in Alaska and over the next few weeks we’ve got an intense shooting schedule. We’re filming 4 projects back to back in some of the most unique and remote places in the world!

* Business Insider: Story of an Athabascan Postmaster & A rural community’s reliance on mail deliveries.
* BBC: History of Kennecott Ghost Town
* ESM: Domesticating Ice-Age Giants – Palm Oxen of Palmer, Alaska
* ESM: A senior Alaskan looks back on his youth in the wilderness, where he lived without any human contact.

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