I’ve always wondered what goes on inside a kid’s mind when they taste something delicious for the first time. NaturNes and BBH gave us the opportunity to explore that idea in this new spot.
It was a monumental effort by the whole team, I suggest checking out their work because they’re all brilliant!

Director – Alex Grigg;
Producer – John Woolley;
Executive Producer – Bart Yates;
Production Manager – Isobel Stenhouse;
Production Coordinator – Macarena Gaset;

Designer – Sebastian Iglesias;
Character Designer – Daniel Tarrant;
Designer – Catriona Drummond;
Pitch Designer- Shen Yi,

Lead Animator – Bishoy Gendi; Animator – Peter Dodd; Animator – Tim Dilnutt; Animator – Yino Huan, Animator – Ludivine Berthouloux;

Assistant Animator – Jessica Leslau; Assistant Animator – Jocelyn Fenton; Assistant Animator – Ryan Fairbanks; Assistant Animator – Eleonora Quario; Assistant Animator – Wayne Maslin; Assistant Animator – Alison Oxborrow;

Editor – Will Barnett;

Compositor – Simone Ghilardotti; Compositor – Daniele Baiardini


Creative Director – Kimberly Gill; Copywriter – Olivia Shortland; Art Director – Stephanie Flynn; Producer – Jemima Bowers

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