Part 2 of 4 | Honey extraction from a bee hive Anchorage Alaska


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Linda and Terry Holtman invite us back for more beekeeping in Alaska!
Join This Alaskan Life liver and lover BourgeoisPhotogrpahy as We are back on the honey farm !
Those bees have been busy creating honey in their honey combs !
Watch as we extract honey, use a centrifuge to spin it down right from the hives right here in Anchorage Alaska!
Yeah I know, last place you would think about bee keeping and keeping bees. 🙂 Alaska

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Here are just a few of the things you will see here…. Humpback whales, Black Bears, Backpacking, Polar Bears, Arctic Fox, Grizzly Bears, Arctic Ocean, Kayaking, mountains, below zero temperatures, honey bees in Alaska, dog mushing in Alaska, summer in Alaska, summer solstice in Alaska, driving tours, winter solstice in Alaska and so much more!

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