Taku Winds – Juneau, Alaska.

Taku Winds – Juneau, Alaska.

Taku Winds, otherwise known as “mountain wave windstorms” are high winds created when cold dense air accumulates on the east side of the mainland mountains.

The cold air cannot rise higher than a certain level. After it “piles up,” it spills through gaps in those mountains, flows along the Taku River until it meets a curve perpendicular to the mountain ridge.

When it’s accumulated enough it will rise over a gap in the mountains and get funneled over Salisbury Ridge.

That cold air gets squeezed between the mountains similar to putting your thumb over the end of a garden hose creating very strong, gusty, sustained winds.

This video was shot from Thane Road and Sandy Beach in Juneau-Douglas where you can see the famous pump house landmark.

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